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  1. Mark, my coworker shared that you had ministered to their church Sunday evening and that you would be in the Manhattan area this week. I pastor a small ministry group that meets on Saturdays but it may be to late to schedule a meeting with you. However, she did say you would be ministering at a church in Wamego Sunday, March 29. I would like to attend but not certain where the church is.

    We have undergone so many spiritual attacks in the past few years and we are tired. I live in Junction City and I would not mind driving to Wamego to hear you minister.

    Do you know when you’d be back in our area? Perhaps we could arrange a meeting with you.

    God bless and Thank you!

    Brenda Gage

    1. it was good having service with you all…lots going on over here in New Mexico..how is the weather out there in Ks. be in touch soon.

      1. So glad for you to be with us in service…it was wonderful! Weather here in KS is nice but cool. Will be meeting with our senior pastor, John Crane and Steve Sampson next Saturday for conflict resolution. Believing God for a great healing! Blessings to you… journey well.

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