Strategic and Cochise College


I had the opportunity to speak and share my vision of unity for the First Nations people with Cochise faculty/staff and students…There were a total of four Native Speakers for this panel…We shared our thoughts, spiritual insights, and answered questions…Sorry we did not have video..but there is a picture of our event.  Praise God for our open doors!!

The Native American panel was a blessing…The local media documented a day of embracing the history as well as the thoughts about America’s Indigenous at Cochise College..

Native American history was held in discussion with Cochise College Tuesday after noon.   The indigenous shared personal, as well as educational points of view regarding todays discussion panel…..Students as well as faculty, displayed an affection for knowledge about Native American History.

I was able to share about the walk across America and the blessing of the land which took place…I thank God for our journey!  Join us!!

check us out in the Sierra Vista news paper for the next few days……

Praise the Lord….


Meeting with Missionary Flowers

If you listen to your heart, God is calling you not just to know HIM, but to remember who you are.

A people who forget thier history, and identity.  What they stand for is no more.

Lets remember who God created you to be.  We have a world of diversity.  lets learn about each other.  God created all things.. Even you.
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Prophetic Intervention