Reservation out reach December 2012

We are going to the reservations again this year to be a blessing and to bring relationship…God is a healer.  So we must participate with God in all he desires.

Our objectives is to reach the North and South Dakota tribes, Omaha, and Meskwakie here in Iowa…

We will give in supplies of clothes, hygiene products, monitory gifts, blankets, toiletries, and much more..God has blessed us to reach the reservations with a Word from God.


We welcome you to give to a worthy cause…Come and join us as we reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ…It is better to give than to receive…As you give to the poor its like you lend unto the Lord…As you give, God gives to you..

Our needs currently..Tires for transportation, any canned goods to go with our current load, and blankets.  Money is always a blessing, as you give in money, God will return this upon your head…Amen..

God bless you..

Great Eagle.

Prophetic Intervention